Finally. A new beginning. Once again, I find myself infront of the screen early one morning, ready to make a new blog which will probably be as mediocre as the last ones. Something is different this time around. I’m on wordpress, and writing in english. I need a challenge. Bloging in english is for me a challenge, since I usually speak and write norwegian! But I promise to make it as far as I can. Not really shure how long I can actually write in english before I get sick of it.

I will honestly admit that I have no patience when it comes to bloging. The one I usually write on is so full of random stuff and embarrassing texts and so on. It actually looks desperate. I can feel the desperation from the blog. Get my drift? So I took the next step.

This will be a blog where I will mostly publish things about fashion, pieces and anything that inspires me. Something that I as a fashion-consultant have grown up with and love messing around with.

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