10 tanker på “BRACELET

    • No prob! Thank you so much! This is only the beginning though. Soon I will get my own domain, bloglovin, new design and a few sponsors. I have a blog that I’ve been writing in norwegian. Been there, done that. I wanna branch out. I want my blog to get bigger and international! Loving the fact that I will probably get alot more sponsors with this blog too, that’s always a perk. And maybe some seats at Oslo fashion week too ❤

      • Me too, except for LA fashion week. For some reason I feel that it is just some waist of time. But Milan on the other hand, that I would love! The only problem about the blog so far is that I hardly have any readers! On my other blog there is alot, but I want to start from scratch, not use my norwegian readers here. I don’t tant them complaining about the fact that my blog is in english :p I just need to find a way to get some readers, but right now I just don’t have that much time to find a way to make that happen :p

      • Hm…. I don’t really like twitter that much. And I can’t really use mine since it’s more of a twitteraccount for my other blog, and if I make a new one, then I will have no followers. Damn…. this shit is hard! Btw, how many readers do you have on a normal day basis?

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