I love my new bracelets! So simple, so fun and so much summer inspiration. Even the slighest detail stick out, like the twisted little orange in leather. When the sun hits it, I kinda die.


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    • No prob! Thank you so much! This is only the beginning though. Soon I will get my own domain, bloglovin, new design and a few sponsors. I have a blog that I’ve been writing in norwegian. Been there, done that. I wanna branch out. I want my blog to get bigger and international! Loving the fact that I will probably get alot more sponsors with this blog too, that’s always a perk. And maybe some seats at Oslo fashion week too ❤

      • Me too, except for LA fashion week. For some reason I feel that it is just some waist of time. But Milan on the other hand, that I would love! The only problem about the blog so far is that I hardly have any readers! On my other blog there is alot, but I want to start from scratch, not use my norwegian readers here. I don’t tant them complaining about the fact that my blog is in english :p I just need to find a way to get some readers, but right now I just don’t have that much time to find a way to make that happen :p

      • Hm…. I don’t really like twitter that much. And I can’t really use mine since it’s more of a twitteraccount for my other blog, and if I make a new one, then I will have no followers. Damn…. this shit is hard! Btw, how many readers do you have on a normal day basis?

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