Hi dolls! I fell asleep really early last night, and woke up about 6-7 this morning. It’s a fucking saturday, what the fuck am I doing up so early?.. But I’ve been watching Kathy Griffin/ Lee Gifford’s show non-stop, and seriously can’t stop cursing. She is so funny, I wish she was my mom. Or sister. But she would probably just embarrass my ass. So fuck her! No, seriously, she would be the perfect best friend.

Anyhow, I just got out of the shower, so I’m fixing my hair and shit so that I can go out with a friend for coffee. I am crabing right about now. See this kids? never start drinking coffee…. And don’t start smoking. Cause I do, like the idiot I am. Really weird to, feel like I’ve only been smoking for a couple of months. It’s been two and a half god damn years. No, I’m gonna stop writing now. Cross your fingers for me, I need some retail therapy 😉 What realityshows do you watch?

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