Last night, I was walking through a store to meet up with friends, when a girl I know, told me to come over. She and another employee sort of blurted out that they wanted me to walk for a fashionshow that the mall is hosting! I instantly frooze and began to think about…. my weightgain a while back. I am walking in a fashionshow in exactly one week, and I feel huge! I have done this sort of things before, but I was alot skinnier back then! I haven’t walked a runway in 2 years.

I sort of love doing it, but at the same time I have some weight to loose before I can actually do this thing! I feel so ashamed of my body at the moment, so I am just going to join a gym. I can’t look like this next saturday. I dress myself skinnier with colours and such, but I’m not picking the clothes. I have to start looking after myself. I need to pamper myself, and drive myself right off a cliff. Well, at least up a mountain. Fuck, fuck, fuck!! I need to get busy, here is some pictures from my last runway almost 2 years ago.

 Okey, so the pictures aren’t that great. But that suit was just dreamy! Regret not buying the damn thing.

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