I just looked over an old blog of mine, just to find a celeblist of my favourites. Wow, my taste has really changed over the last few years. My previous list was;

– Taylor Momsen, Selena Gomez, Josh Duhamel, Jensen Ackles, Paris Hilton, Hilary duff, Jessica Lowndes, Reese Witherspoon, Mitch Hewer and Zac Efron.

Of course I, like everyone else is a bit obsessed with celebs. I love Zac, Josh, Jessica and Reese. But I think I have outgrown the rest of them. They sort of annoy me now. My favourite is the celebritystylist Rachel Zoe. Then comes the hilarious Kardashians, Kathy Griffin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Ashley Benson and Leighton Meester. Love. I seriously have no idea why I’m even writing this shit, but hey, they rock.

Now here are the celebs I don’t like that much. Justin Bieber. Face it, he sucks. Blake Lively seriously pisses me off on gossip girl. Yeah, the show wouldnt be the same without her, but she complains so much. The woman is in her twenties and still gets that jiggly underlip that kids get when they are about to cry. Fuck that. Taylor Momsen, what the FUCK! She went from being the new it-girl, to a trashy wannabe hard-rock gothish. That shit is messed up. Loose the fucking smokeyeyeishraccoonlook. Please.

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