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Seems I have caught a little attention for this blog. Very amusing to see that online stores have already lined up, when this was only a trial blog for my new domain. I hope you will keep sending me updates on new lines and sponsorship requests. It’s fun ♥


Sorry so much for not publishing anything since last week, but I got some disturbing news and had an epic migraine. So I can easily say my head was sort of pulsating. Like a heart. It was just…. weird. Anyway, I feel so much better now, and have thought alot about things, and I am thinking about moving to a city called Trondheim. I lived there once, when I was about 8. For 6 months, so..

I think the best thing for myself is to get away from this place. Not get stuck in this little world outside reality. I sort of can’t just move to Oslo. I need to plan things. I need an amount of money to live there. So that is why I think I’m gonna take a friend on his offer to let me stay there for a bit. I think it will be good for me and I haven’t seen him for ages! Did you find it hard to start a life outside your comfortzone of family?