I’ve been wearing this Yves Saint Laurent perfume for almost a year now. I have never smelled something as fresh and sweet as this perfume. This is the perfect perfume for guys, since this is the perfume that makes girls drop to their knees. Girls literally take my arm for about 15 minutes each every time I go to a club. It’s like nothing else, I die.

Just spray a bit on your wrists, and below your ears, and girls will swarm. I promise. Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint-Laurent, genious ♥


Ah! I love my little collection of fashioninspiration! Gossip girl and sex and the city is a must have. Breakfast at tiffanys is just epic, and the devil wears prada is just sad and tragic a few years later. But loveable though.

I’ve been raised in front of the TV watching chick flicks. I hate action and horror movies in general, so theese types of films and series are just up my alley! Love, love, love! See anything you like? ♥