Hi guys!

Long time, no see! I’ve seen that there have been some action on my bloglovin account lately, and thought I would help you guys go where you need to go if you wanna read more. I hope you all loved what you read here back in the day and will follow me on my new blog.    




Hi dolls! I am finishing up my domaindesign, but you can just about go in there, I will be starting up shortly. Like. In the next few days. This site will be so much fun, I can’t wait to start competitions and everything that comes with it. I’m sort of nervous of losing my readers, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. See you on the other side starshines ♥



It’s christmas eve today, and even I feel some excitement! I normally don’t want to participate that much, since my traditions are… well, lacking. And before I wrote this last sentence, I was fully prepered to participate. Now I think I’m gonna lay low for a while. Have a nice christmas everyone, and just remember to be kind to those who need some kindness in their lives. Not everyone is so lucky to be celebrating with those they love. Remember, one kind action can go a long way. Happy holidays moonbeams ♥


Finally. A new beginning. Once again, I find myself infront of the screen early one morning, ready to make a new blog which will probably be as mediocre as the last ones. Something is different this time around. I’m on wordpress, and writing in english. I need a challenge. Bloging in english is for me a challenge, since I usually speak and write norwegian! But I promise to make it as far as I can. Not really shure how long I can actually write in english before I get sick of it.

I will honestly admit that I have no patience when it comes to bloging. The one I usually write on is so full of random stuff and embarrassing texts and so on. It actually looks desperate. I can feel the desperation from the blog. Get my drift? So I took the next step.

This will be a blog where I will mostly publish things about fashion, pieces and anything that inspires me. Something that I as a fashion-consultant have grown up with and love messing around with.